June Lily is internationally published and has worked with dozens of professionals from all over the world! Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Emily, from June Lily, took on this whole re-design project for me…and has been incredible.  Okay, let me tell you, Emily is a gem.  She thinks everything through, finds solutions to delays, keeps me calm, and my gosh, she has got to be one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. (I thought about asking her to move right next door to us…but she’d probably miss her husband and 2 little boys too much.  Darn.)   She has spent hours and hours helping me and believe me, totally worth every penny.” ~ Ashley of Make It and Love It

“I cannot tell you how happy I am that June Lily is around. They made the transition from Blogger to WordPress seamless, and were able to salvage every single post and comment! I cannot recommend them highly enough.” ~ Amy Tangerine

“Everyone LOVES my new site, most of all, me! The business materials Kirstin made are amazing and I have doubled my fall business from last year! I know that this beautiful new website had a huge hand in that too. Thank you, Kirstin.” ~ Bobby of Wild Rose Photography

“I can’t even begin to tell you how great June Lily has been! Emily and Kirstin are fabulous to work with. Thanks to both of you for your help!” ~ Janae of Thoughts in Vinyl and Finger Snapper

“What’s not to love?!? I appreciated that from the beginning they were able to capture what was in my head and get it running on-line. In addition to that, Kirstin was brilliant at coming up with ideas that far exceeded my original thoughts in design and function. She even went above and beyond to set everything up for me. I’ve had such wonderful comments about the site and within a week of going live I received an email from a gal wanting to schedule a quilt. She is a new client from the web! I am of course thrilled to pieces and excited about what this means for my business. Thank you!” ~ Heather Spence of Heather Spence Designs

“I searched long and hard for a web designer for my project, but when I came across June Lily’s site I knew I had found the one. Emily was SO EASY TO WORK WITH!  I have worked with a lot of web designers and they either a) only speak in cyber techy talk, which I am not fluent in or b) just don’t get my vision.  Emily, not only got what I wanted, but anticipated what I wanted before I knew I wanted it.  She painstakingly answered my silly questions and walked me through step by step how to do things.  I can’t rave enough how much I enjoyed working with her.” ~ Drew of Mom*tog

“I want to especially thank June Lily for taking my descriptions, images, colors and vision and putting it on the web. They were such a joy to work with and really saw my vision and took initiative to improve upon it. This was one of the easiest web design projects I have ever done (and there have been a lot in my corportate-day-job-marketing years), and I can’t stop smiling when I go to the site. I’m in love! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Jennifer of Something Detailed

“I am so excited about my new blog design by the fabulous Emily at June Lily! She took my functional but ho-hum blog and made it beautiful. I am so thankful to have found her. Thank you Emily!!” ~ Katie of Sara Kate Events

“My site looks so flyyy! Kind of beside myself. Thank you so much for all your hard work on my site, Emily. I love it!” ~ Jessica of Foxy Writes

“The lovely Emily from June Lily, who was so patient and supportive with me, gave my site a much needed face lift.  Thank you Emily!” ~ Laura of Org Junkie

“I LOVE my new website!” ~ Sadaf of South Asian Bride Magazine

“I love my new website design! It’s perfect for me. ~ Elyse of Elyse Hall Photography

“Emily brilliantly re-created my blog for me in the most beautiful way. It was such a tremendous joy to work with Emily every single step of the way, I feel compelled to share with you not only what an incredibly talented young lady she is, but also what a lovely and gracious one she is, too.” ~ Kate of Kate Landers Events

“Emily at June Lily is fun, whimsical and just a little more girly than I am. {Which I needed!} If you’re looking for a new design, you need to call Emily! She’s the best–I actually had a ton of fun during the whole process!” ~ Amanda of Oh Amanda

My Logo is beautiful.  Exactly what I had imagined.  Seems so easy but I just couldn’t figure it out on my own!!  Well worth the money.  Thank you so much Emily!” ~ Heather Spence of Heather Spence Designs

“I received my first out-of-state party clients because they were impressed with my website by June Lily!” ~ Emily of Haute Hostess