Responsive Web Design: What It Is and Why Every Blogger Needs to Know

Custom Responsive Web Design

Let’s face it, the internet isn’t what it used to be.  If you are as old as I am, you remember the days of dial-up connections and the introduction of something called email.  Back then, using the internet was more of a planned experience that took some time sitting at your computer that was subsequently connected to your landline.  It was slow.  It was unreliable.  But, it was new and amazing.

These days, I can find anything I want on the internet in a moment’s notice–I have the power of information at my fingertips any time of the day, on any device, at lightning speed.  In fact, if I can’t look it up in a matter of seconds I feel a small bit of annoyance.  As a people, we have embraced the internet and fused it into our daily activities such that most of us can’t imagine life without it.  It is fast.  It is reliable. It is essential.

Given our reliance on it, it isn’t surprising to watch the internet’s influence surpass desktops and laptops.  Mobile devices and tablets are the latest and greatest and according to recent studies, mobile internet use is projected to overtake desktop use by 2015.  What’s more, for a mobile user, if the page doesn’t render within 5 seconds, 75% of mobile users will abandon the page!

What This Means to the Modern Blogger

If you own blog, you might be catching on to where I am going with this: if your blog isn’t designed for mobile devices and tablets, then you are probably losing traffic.  In fact, considering the above estimation, if you aren’t already seeing a decrease in traffic retention, you most certainly will soon.  A website that doesn’t adjust to accommodate the size of the user’s screen might scrape by for now, but not for long…

Enter: Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is pioneering its way into the design world in a big way.  Designers and developers are scrambling to alter their code to reflect this new movement that allows a simple website to alter its look and functionality to fit any size screen.  With a responsive layout, your website looks great on any device, and allows your users to have a positive, engaging experience.  Responsive web design takes your readers to a version of your website that is more convenient and user-friendly no matter what their browser or screen size.

Here is an example of a responsive website design and how it looks on a few different screen sizes:

Pretty Responsive WordPress Designs Notice how the text looks readable and user-friendly on the phone and tablet?  There is no need to zoom or enlarge, the design has taken care of all that; the reader can just enjoy the website and engage in what the website has to offer.

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Devices

How Can I Make My WordPress Blog Responsive?

WordPress is now exploding with fantastic responsive themes.  There are a lot of wonderful free and cheap options for integrating a responsive premade wordpress theme. Most of these are easy enough to upload and configure yourself.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a custom responsive blog design, then our designers at June Lily would be more than happy to help!  We have the ability to make any design a responsive design so that you can make the most of your blog. We will create the perfect look for your blog and make sure that the code behind the scenes makes your blog render seamlessly from browser to browser no matter what size device your readers are using!

Check out our custom website design options and then drop us an email to get started!


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