Photo Editing

If you don’t happen to own a photo editing program yet, you can still access online photo editing programs for free! They are easy to use and they work right in your browser.

  • – For fun or advanced editing, Pixlr is definitely a top pick! This program is easy to use, is available in multiple languages, connects easily with and and has a list of tools and tutorials that will help you to edit your photos and keep track of your layers.
  • – Thinking about buying Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? This online editor is a great place to start. Photoshop Express is a free online photo editing program made by Adobe and it’s super easy to use, has a tons of editing tools, it allows photo organizing and style matching too.
  • – This is a free (open source) program that you can download to your computer and use right from your desktop. It’s an image editing program that allows you to complete tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
  • – Be Funky is a super cool online photo editor with an extraordinary collection of “cool effects” for your photos! You can apply various effects and add a variety of artwork to your photos effortlessly.

Additional Editing Resources

Free Online Photo Hosting

Never worry about losing your favorite digital photos again! If you need a reliable photo organizer where you can store and share your photos, you’ll want to check out these three super handy online photo hosting sites.

Hosting your images online means your computer won’t get bogged down by stashing every picture you’ve taken on its hard drive. They’ll be safely stored online instead. And even if you do prefer to keep them in both spots, you’ll have a secure backup system in place.

  • – Flickr is an extraordinary photo gallery website where you can upload your photos, share them with other photo enthusiasts, and get feedback and comments on your work. Flickr is perhaps the best and most versatile free option out there for both amateur and professional photographers. This site offers a lot of options such as 100MB a month of storage and 200 photos for free members. And best of all, it’s easy to share your galleries and photos right on your blog or website. You can even start a “community photo group” for others to share photos too.
  • – Picasa is also a favorite for personal or blog images. You can easily set your albums to “unlisted” or “private” or “public” for the world to see. The Picasa albums are fully integrated with Blogger and it is used by default to store your Blogger photos. Picasa images are crisp and clear and you can create multiple albums that are easy to navigate. You will just need a Google Account to get started and the first gigabyte of storage space is free.
  • – SmugMug is not free, but worth the cost if you need a serious online storage solution. I love it because the photo display is gorgeous, it instantaneously uploads photo albums (you could  upload hundreds of pictures using their computer uploader and it would do it quickly), it’s very reliable, and professionals trust it. You can order prints, share albums, view full screen slideshows and view large (or full-size) download-able photos. In a few words: It’s amazing.