Pantone Color of the Year 2014 is….

color of the year 2014 radiant orchidRadiant Orchid!

Last week Pantone announced that the “it” color for 2014 would be Radiant Orchid.  Done right, I think this color could be a glamorous addition to any logo or web design.  Done wrong, you might end up reminding people of a certain famous purple dinosaur.

So, how to pair it so that your design (or ensemble) looks charming, not childish?

Stick to Classic Palettes

I’ve created some basic palettes below that incorporate tried and true color relationships as well as some of Pantone’s Top Colors for 2014.  Keep in mind, though, that it is normally recommended to keep logos palettes to 2 or 3 colors, so these palettes are merely suggested combinations.  For a clean web design, I would also stick to 3 main colors and then add shades of those colors for contrast and depth.

radiant orchid color palettes


Pantone Top 10 Colors for 2014

I compiled here Pantone’s projected fashion colors for 2014.  The left column is the textile version of the color, and the right column is it’s web-ready counterpart.  The colors are certainly bright and energetic!  I suspect the designs of 2014 will have a similar bold vibrancy!   Loving Hemlock, Cayenne and Dazzling Blue!

pantone fashion colors 2014


  1. Melissa Reese says ·

    Can you share the Pantone numbers that you picked in “Triad 2″… I love the combo but I am new to all this!!

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