Logo Trends for 2016-2017

The world of business and technology is changing at a faster and faster rate and with that so does logo design. What was popular five years ago may not be popular now. Technology is constantly giving us easier and more widespread ways of penetrating the market with commerce.  We only have seconds to make an impression. So as a treat for you I have put together a list of the latest trends in logo design.

Let’s start with the type that has held for many a year…


The clean lines of this type help the logo to display well on any device and in any media. This type has been effective for years and will continue to be in the years to come.


Negative Space

Designers are constantly trying to come up with clever ways to express the values and attributes of companies and people. The use of negative space has become a popular way to do so. It gives viewers a visual “scavenger hunt” to find the deeper meaning in a well-designed logo.

negative2 girl-scouts-logo negative_space_logos_71

Letter Stacking

This type of design challenges the consumer to make sense of what they are seeing. We all love a good puzzle! This is also a creative solution to present long text. Different fonts are a good way to help the consumer decipher the logo easier. The key here is to not make it too unclear. Symbolism is used a lot these days but not everyone knows what every symbol means. So be careful!

Oakland-Museum-Logo-Design-796x1024 letter-stacking-logos


Lines of unchanging thickness and color have become popular of late. This “wire” look of these logos gives the idea of honesty with a hint of craftiness. It’s fresh and clean. Perfect for the person who wants to convey a sense of security to their consumers.

1463381239NJzdbUy-1024x631 95d0989a6f93f10af41ed259e25b00f9 Monoline-Lion-Logo

Hand Drawn

Hand written or hand drawn designs have been gaining ground in recent years. Typography gives personality to a design. It makes it more personal, more intimate. Hand drawn illustrations can give a sense of whimsy or character to a logo. Some use a “hybrid” of drawn and digital art that gives off the same kind of charm.

thumbs_estherjames thumbs_makeitandloveitlogo cute-custom-logo-design-never-shopped-out


In basic terms, this type changes the logo frequently but some of it remains the same so that the brand can be recognized. The advantages of this are that the direction the brand is pursuing in current time is made known and the consumer can see the diversity plainly.  However, the danger lies in presenting a concept that may not “rhyme” with the company’s values or image. There is also the difficulty of coming up with new concepts on a regular basis.  Talk about pressure! Poor designers…or maybe not…job security!

nickelodeon-logos dynamic-logo DC_Comics_102

Vintage/Modern Retro

This style started to show up a few years ago and has continued to become more and more popular. You get the combination of something familiar and traditional and something modern and fresh. Vintage style has really come back in many different industries so it only makes sense that it would in logo design as well.

modern-vintage-logo-design-1 1 vintage-photography-logo


You know the old saying “less is more”? Well, that can definitely be said for this style. The concept is to get straight to the point, which is the company’s brand, without any other clutter that could be distracting to the consumer.  The style is simple, usually monochromatic and flat. No bells or whistles allowed here! This makes for a striking design.

minimalist-logo-1 5pixel_2015-06-15_10-02-10


Lastly, I wanted to introduce you to a style that has started to manifest itself recently. This type of logo was only used in movies and TV until online based companies became more part of the norm. The idea is to catch the eye of the internet surfer with an animated logo. So much can be done with this I don’t know where to start. Think mini movie, or cartoon, or flip book. The list is endless on the uses of this style. Google has already made use of this in their daily logo changes and I for one love to check out what new concept they have implemented each day. Lots of possibilities here folks!

giphy-4 giphy-3


I have given you a lot to think about and a lot of different choices to consider. Think about what your company represents. What kind of image do you want your company to have? What kind of a person are you? This can be represented in a logo that is custom made for you. Help your designer come up with just the right one by being prepared ahead of time with a list of words that represent you or your company, the colors you think best fit you or company, and the style you think best fits the image you are going for. I hope this has helped you! Ta Ta for now!

Bree Farley- Web Designer, Illustrator, Etc.

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