June Lily and the Year of Giving Back

june-lily-new-year-resolutionsEvolution of an Humanitarian Artist

When I graduated from BYU ten years ago, I walked away with a large pool of knowledge about Visual Arts and Socio-Cultural Anthropology.  The two fields do not necessarily coincide easily, and I found myself gravitating towards applying my Anthropology education to humanitarian aid.  In fact, by the time I received my diploma, I had developed a burning passion for humanitarian aid and a goal to devote my life and career to it.  Like so many other graduates before me, I had high aspirations to apply my life to helping non-profits aid individuals from foreign lands in a way that would be more efficient, more helpful, and more culturally appropriate.

Since then, my life has taken a slightly different direction. My career got put on hold for awhile as I got married and started a family, and when I did finally come back to it, I concluded that my true talents lay not in non-profit management, but in art and design.  Fortunately for me, I was well-prepared to utilize my artistic talents in a way that I truly love.

Enter: June Lily

Today, I run an amazing business that provides quality web design and graphic design to clients in a personal, and friendly way.  I absolutely love what I do.  Who could complain about developing beautiful designs for clients who become some of my dearest friends?

Still, for the past year I have been mulling over this idea of blending my two passions: design and humanitarian aid.  How can I get my cake and eat it too?   Well… here goes:

June Lily’s New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year, I have decided that not only am I going to make resolutions for myself personally, but for my business as well.  It’s time to revamp June Lily and create a new business model, new business goals, and a brand new mission statement that will support my passion for both art and giving.  Today, June Lily will make changes that will forever alter our course as a company.  And, like any good business owner, I am writing these goals down so as to make them real and bring them the power to come to life.


save-the-childrenStarting today, January 1, 2014, June Lily will be donating 25% of all proceeds to a non-profit organization that we deem to be in line with our own goals and values.  This year’s non-profit is called Save the Children.  June Lily will be utilizing the funds set aside for Save the Children, to engage in their Sponsor a Child program.  We will sponsor as many children as we possibly can.


hello-giveawaysMore freebies and giveaways! June Lily is a small female-owned business that was built on the support of other small female-owned businesses and blogs.  Our clients are loyal and friendly, and we absolutely love them all!  So, in an effort to “give back” to the very people who have made us who we are, we are going to be giving away design packages and products absolutely free!  Keep your eyes out for our next giveaway, it could be yours!


its-a-secretJune Lily has a secret… shhh… we are opening a SHOP!  Yes, that’s right.  Coming soon, June Lily will be opening up a brand new online shop filled with pretty goodies devoted to helping promote and grow small women-owned businesses.  And get this: a portion of our products will be 100% dedicated to giving back.  All the proceeds for those products will go towards a worthy cause!  More details to come, but had to sneak this tidbit in here since it is one of the big changes coming for June Lily this year.

I am so excited to get started!  I plan to report back our successes and experiences right here on the blog, so stay tuned for a wonderful adventure of a year!


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