FREE First Day of School Signs for 2016-2017


School is about to start and my baby, isn’t he adorable, is going into third grade! Time flies! I remember the days when he was 2 and winking at all the old ladies in the grocery store so that they would give him candy…”Sigh”…wait, he STILL does that! So in honor of my babies, don’t tell them I still call them that, I have made some First Day of School signs as freebies. Your welcome! I love the chalkboard look and it is versatile for both boys and girls. The first day is always full of mixed emotions for me. It means they are growing older and will soon be leaving home which makes me sad and it means that they are growing older and will soon be leaving home which makes absolutely ecstatic! My oldest is a senior in high school this year and I will probably cry on his first day, but I told him I would so he is prepared for the embarrassment.

Anyway, enjoy the signs! They are in PDF format to make them super easy to print.

First-Day-of-School first-day-of-school-2 first-day-day-of-school

By Bree Farley| Designer and Illustrator


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  1. Kim says ·

    I tried to get the back to school download and I was sent Elephant Thank you cards instead. Can I get the link resent to me.

    Kim Alphonso

    • June Lily says ·

      I am so sorry! I just realized there was an issue with the download link. If you resubmit above you will receive the proper link. So sorry!!

  2. Sarah says ·

    Thank you so much for making these and offering them free, but unfortunately I keep getting printable download link for thank you elephants. Just thought you might like to know.

    • June Lily says ·

      I am so sorry for the inconvenience. The link has been fixed above, so please resubmit and you will receive the corrected link to download. Sorry!

  3. Tera Guidry says ·

    I didn’t get the first day of school signs! Instead I got ELEPHANT THANK YOU CARDS!!! Please resend me the correct thing!

    • June Lily says ·

      Hi Tera! I apologize. I have fixed the links so if you resubmit above it will send you the proper link to download. Thank you!

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