We have listed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from clients and visitors. If you have a question that is not answered here, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to help you!

We use a lot of web terminology on our site that you may not be familiar with, if you need help with any definitions for web terms, please refer to our Glossary.

Website Design FAQ’s

Which Blog, Website and Ecommerce Software can you work with?

  • We can work with a variety of blog, website and ecommerce platforms, but we currently prefer to work with WordPress for all our projects.

What is the Difference between Blogger and WordPress?

  • Blogger is a free platform for blogging provided by Google. It’s a perfect place to start out if you are a new blogger and are just getting started. It’s easy to use, and you can set up an account for FREE in less than 5 minutes. It comes with a template designer so that it’s easy for you to design a basic blog on your own. You can even purchase your own domain name right in your Blogger account if you prefer not to have “blogspot” in your URL. It is limiting though since you will not have your own server or hosting space and because of that many features that you may want on your blog are not available with Blogger. This is one of the main reasons most bloggers transfer from Blogger to WordPress.
  • WordPress.org (Highly Recommended) is a free software program that we can use to build your custom website or blog design. The software is open source – and FREE to use – however, in order to use this software, you’ll need to have your own Host and Domain – which have small fees associated with them each month. We love to build blog and website projects on WordPress and help clients to get started with WordPress all the time. We often help clients to transfer from Blogger to WordPress too.
  • WordPress.com offers free blogging (similar to Blogger) – but they are very limited with custom design and we currently do not offer services with WordPress.com at this time.

What steps do I need to take to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress?

  • In order to move a blog from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog, you will need to set up a host and a domain and have WordPress installed onto your domain. If you have a large Blogger export file (over 500 posts and/or over 10,000 comments), you may need to consider a larger hosting space in order to ensure that everything will be able to move over correctly. For large imports, you can adjust some of the upload limits in your server to help improve the transfer outcome, but on basic hosting accounts there are some limits that can not be adjusted.
  • Next, you can transfer your content from Blogger to WordPress, this includes moving posts, images, comments and subscriber feeds. A blog transfer can be tricky to do on your own and there’s a few extra items that need to be completed in order for the transfer to be successful including: maintaining your Blogger permalinks for search engines, forwarding your subscribers to the new feed and forwarding your old posts to the new posts so that search engines and all of your blog visitors and subscribers are on board when you transfer over to a new WordPress blog.
  • We migrate blogs all the time and have a lot of experience successfully moving blog content from Blogger to WordPress. If you’re interested in having June Lily help you with a Blog Transfer, please read more information about our transfer services HERE.

What is included in a Custom Design?

  • Each project comes with a variety of included features and additional options. The emphasis for each website project is on both the design style and the coding development and each includes original design and illustration along with dynamic and interactive features that will help your site to stand out from the rest. Learn more HERE.

Do you Create the Custom Design and Code/Develop Each Project Yourself?

  • Yes, we complete the whole project 100% ourselves and do both the design and coding. We are graphic designers and front-end web developers. We build custom designs and fully code them from scratch – start to finish into full-featured themes for WordPress. We build our own themes and have been designing and coding websites for 8 years.
  • We are not software programmers, which means that we won’t be able to build custom computer software for you, but we are experienced working with hundreds of open source software programs and can integrate and code them into your website.

How long will it take for a website to be designed and developed?

  • Every project is different, but generally for Professional blog and website projects we plan for about four to eight weeks. This includes one week for setting up hosting (if needed), a few weeks for creating drafts and designing the layout for the site. Then another few weeks for developing and coding the website online and one last week for testing it, transferring the design and content and tying up any loose ends – such as setting up email, configuring site functions and reviewing with a client how to use the site.
  • If the website is an Ecommerce project, we plan for eight to ten weeks – this accounts for the additional coding time needed to set up the additional settings (SSL and payment processor) as well as the pages in an ecommerce shop such as a wholesale section, checkout, cart or client login page.

Are there additional Website costs?

Yes! Designing and Developing a website is only part of the cost. You’ll also need to pay for the following items in order for your website to work online:

  • Domain Registration – it usually costs $10 per year for a domain, there may be an additional charge if you want to enable domain privacy.
  • Web Hosting – this is essential since you’ll need a place online to store files, images and a content database. We have an excellent resource guide with our recommendations for the best hosts HERE.
  • Payment Processing(Ecommerce Only) – a payment processor makes it possible to sell your products, it’s how your customers can pay for your products. There are usually percentage fees and/or monthly fees associated with each. A few possible payment processors to check out: Paypal, Authorize.net, Propay, Paymentech.
  • Secure (SSL) Certificates(Ecommerce Only) – SSL is only necessary if you want your customers to enter in their credit card information on your site (this does not include checking out through PayPal since this 3rd party processor already has SSL enabled). Enabling SSL on your hosting account, will turn your “HTTP” to “HTTPS” and will keep all information entered on your website safe and secure. The fee for SSL varies in price, check with your host for pricing.

Are there any hidden costs when building my website?

  • No, never. We always outline our price upfront with you, based on your website goals, so that you know what to expect right away and then that price is strictly adhered to.

Do You Build WordPress Themes with Genesis or Thesis?

  • Not at this time. While we like Genesis and Thesis and fully support the development of these products, we design and develop all of our WordPress themes from scratch and prefer to use WordPress codes to build each theme. We want you to have a fully customized, organic theme that is clean, simple, easy to use and optimized for the web – without a lot of extra pages and coding libraries to sort through. Building our own themes also gives us more room to design and develop each project exactly the way you want it to look. Whereas Genesis and Thesis have more limited custom options since these products are meant to be an easy solution if you want to try and design it yourself.

I Would Like to Keep My Current Design and Only Change a Few Things, Will You Schedule My Project?

  • No, sadly we are not accepting requests for small edits such as a background change or a header design update at this time. We are only accepting full custom projects as noted in our services.

Will You Work With my Existing Design Coding?

  • No, unfortunately not at this time. We prefer to build custom blog or website projects with our own themes. We do this so that we can guarantee each project 100%.

Do You Provide Hosting for my Site?

  • No, we do not provide hosting at this time. However, we do have an excellent resource guide with our recommendations for the best hosts HERE.

Can You Help Me Set Up my Hosting and Email?

  • Most definitely! We will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

After the Website Design, will you continue to manage my site and add content for me?

  • No. After a website design is complete, we do not continue to manage our client’s websites and we do not add content to the websites. Our clients are responsible for writing and maintaining their own website content. We build all our projects so that you can easily manage them yourself, which means that after the project is complete, you can add text, images and information right to your own web pages without our help. If you need help learning how to manage your site, we offer website consultations to show clients how to manage their site. If you also need help setting up your content and writing information for your pages, we highly recommend that you hire a copywriter.

What type of Customer Support do you have?

  • June Lily is a small business, run by two designers/developers. We work individually with clients and also handle all of the customer support. If you work on a project with us, we will support it for free for 30 days after it’s complete. After 30 days we will continue to help, but fees are included at that point for any updates or changes that you want to make on your website. We do offer brief free email support for our clients. Since it’s just the two of us running June Lily, we are available only during certain hours of the week and take time off throughout the year for holidays and vacation. But if there’s a website emergency, most of the time one of us will be able to look into the issue the same day.

What are your fees for website updates and edits?

  • For updates or edits on a project after it’s been complete for more than 30 days, we charge for all work based on the time or the service. Technical support for design projects are billed at $75 per hour with a half hour minimum ($37.50) for any work request.

Will my Website Design be Search Engine Optimized?

  • Yes, Absolutely! All of our websites are optimized for Search Engines and are compliant with SEO guidelines. We will prepare your site to be search engine friendly with a section for keywords and a good sitemap, but we do not submit your site to search engines or adjust your keywords to boost your page rank.
  • For search engine optimization, you’ll need more than just a design to improve your website’s SEO. A combination of good content, key words and a great sitemap help to make a difference in a website’s search engine optimization and we can point you in the right direction to help you get started and manage your site’s SEO on your own. We will also send you a little packet of tips and information that will help you as you manage your site’s SEO.

Will my Website be Compatible in all Browsers?

  • Yes! We guarantee that each design project completed with us will be tested for compatibility in the latest browser versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We also go a step further and browser check each design in mobile phone and tablet devices and also verify that it looks the same in the latest versions of Firefox (3.6 and above), Safari (3.0 and above), Chrome (7.0 and above) and Internet Explorer (8.0 and above).

Do you Build Responsive Websites?

  • Yes we do! As of 2013, we now build all of our new projects with responsive layouts. Because of the additional time, design, development and testing that a responsive design layout takes compared to a fixed layout project, our base prices have increased to adjust for the extra time required to design and code a responsive site.

Do you Build Flash-Based Websites?

  • No, we do not build flash-based websites. While we can include jquery and flash elements in sections of a website, all of our projects are based in PHP and (X)HTML. It is important to note that it’s not a good idea to use “flash” to create an entire website or even entire pages of your website as search engines are not able to read the content of flash and it can keep your site from being indexed and from receiving a lot of traffic.

Free Download FAQ’s

Why am I not able to receive or open the free download from your website?

  • Since download errors are somewhat common, the errors that you may receive are usually the result of an incorrect download. It does not mean that the file is bad, it has just been downloaded to your computer incorrectly. Even if the file looks like it downloaded successfully, it might not have. Here are a few ideas to help you fix any problems you may run into:
    • Often, download problems are the result of a poor internet connection, software firewall, anti-virus or download manager. These types of issues are more likely to occur with large downloads.
    • If you are running a personal firewall or antivirus software on your machine (i.e. Norton or McAfee), please disable it just long enough to download the file. This often will solve the problem and is definitely worth trying. You may need to delete the original download file and try again with a fresh new download so that it doesn’t revert to the first download.
    • Double check your internet connection. Dial-up and sometimes wireless connections tend to have most of the trouble with incomplete downloads.
    • One last idea, you may want to try a different browser. If you use Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Safari and see if your download goes through!

My Link Expired! How can I receive another download?

  • This one’s easy. Each email link is good for about 72 hours and then it expires. If you happen to miss the time-frame, simply re-enter your name and email address on the blog freebie post (for the freebie that you want) and you’ll receive another download. Simple as that!

Can I use Your Free Designs in my Commercial Projects?

  • No, unfortunately we do not have a commercial use license available for our freebies at this time. All of our freebies are for personal use only and may not be sold or redistributed in anyway. Thanks for your interest.