Custom Logo and Branding: Parent Arizona and Counseling Services, LLC

June Lily just embarked on a new project with a company called Parent Arizona and Counseling Services.  They provide child and family therapy services as well as parenting classes in Mesa, Arizona.  We sat down and decided on a plan to not only re-brand their company, but create a happy and comfortable space on the web! (*More on their beautiful new website design later!!)

Branding the Logo

color-paletteBranding is about identity.  My first questions for Parent Arizona and Counseling Services centered around who they are and what they want to become.  Their company is a fusion of the energy and fun that comes with working with kids and families blended with the professionalism and security that comes with providing quality counseling services.  Our challenge was to create a brand that not only exudes excitement and togetherness but competence and expertise.

So, we picked a color palette that had both calming and vibrant colors.  Blue often represents health care fields, and since this is a mental health therapy office, blue was a good choice for them.  Then, we decided to throw in a little orange and cream to represent the excitement and, dare I say, chaos that comes with parenting!  Some may look upon parenting as difficult, others exciting or fun, but no matter how you twist it, no one can argue that parenting is full of surprises!  Thus, a little pop of orange!

Custom Logo Reveal!

So, here is the old Parent Arizona logo: Pretty custom logo and branding design for Parent Arizona

And here is the brand new design that we just finished up!

Pretty Custom Logo Design for Parent Arizona and Counseling ServicesParent Arizona was ecstatic about the new look, and so are we!  Stay tuned for a reveal of their brand new website design!!

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