Custom Logo and Blog Design Project Spotlight: Craftaholics Anonymous

One of the many privileges of being a designer is the opportunity to work with some amazing clients.  June Lily recently finished up a project and can we just say that Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous is one of those amazing clients!  We spent many weeks working out the fine details of her project, and here it is!!

We created a logo for her that reflects the bright energy of her blog.  Each creative project on her blog is centered around her home and family and thus the whimsical heart.  The design is feminine and modern, while remaining meaningful and vibrant.

Craftaholics Anonymous - Pretty Logo Design

Her blog is just bursting with life and we wanted her design to emphasize the wonderful content of her website.The overall design was kept minimalistic and modern with a few bright pops of color here and there.  We added in an intuitive post slider under her menu so she could feature her favorite posts, too.

Custom WordPress Blog Design for Craftaholics Anonymous

We also designed a unique archive page design for all her category and archive pages.

Pretty WordPress Blog Design for Craftaholics Anonymous

We are pretty happy with the end result over here at June Lily, if you have a chance to see the design in action, check it out!

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