For Custom Ecommerce Design and Development, we prefer to design and build your project on WordPress. We can also design your project on Magneto or Shopify, but the base price increases for these other platforms due to the coding and development complexity. If you want to learn more about Shopify or Magento please contact us for more information.

Our Custom WordPress Ecommerce Design Packages start at $3000. Your final price will include the base price as well as any additional features that you choose.

Each Ecommerce Project Includes the Following Features
  • Store Setup and Installation
  • Beautiful and Professional Custom Design (Extensive design options customized to your style)
  • Latest CSS, PHP & HTML Coding and Development
  • Responsive Layout (View adjusts for three main web screens: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Extensive Cross Browser Testing on Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Search Engine Optimized with Sitemap
  • Customer Accounts and Order History
  • Custom Home Page Design
  • Category, Product, Checkout, Cart, Customer Login and Account Page Design
  • Search, 404 and Default Page Design
  • Slideshow or Rotating Images
  • Detailed Contact or Order Form and Contact Page
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Options (PayPal,, Google Checkout and more!)
  • Multiple Shipping and International Shipping Options
  • Multiple Custom Store Discount Codes
  • Simple, Grouped and Downloadable Product Options
  • Complete Website Walk Through
  • 30 Days Technical Support After Completion
  • Extended Email Support for the Design


Additional Features Available for your Store
Ecommerce Items
  • Affiliate Network Set Up
  • Wholesale Section Set Up
  • Membership Forum Set Up
  • Standard “Matching” Blog Design and Set Up
Set Up Items
  • Domain Transfer
  • Feed burner or Email Subscribe Set up
  • Newsletter Sign up Integration
  • Dedicated or Virtual Server Set up
  • Email Set up with Google Apps
Design Items
  • Custom Illustration (charged per hour of complexity)
  • Custom Design for Print Work
  • Business Branding and Identity Session
  • Custom Newsletter Design
  • Custom Logo Design
Development Items
  • Custom Info Page Layout Design
  • Gallery or Portfolio (Multiple Photo Albums and Galleries, Gallery Slideshow)
  • Custom Post Type Section (Directories, Guides, Video Gallery, Categorized Listings)
Project Items
  • Additional Slideshow
  • Sidebar Javascript (Tabs or Gallery Integration)
  • Additional Detailed Contact or Order Form Set Up
  • Product Image Editing (Charged per hour)
  • SEO Starter Set Up with Tips and Home Page Keyword Analysis
  • Website SEO Keyword Analysis (Up to 3 Additional Pages)
Learn More about WordPress Ecommerce
Ready to build a beautiful new shop to sell your products? Or transform your current WordPress website into a fully featured Ecommerce store? We can help you to sell anything on WordPress and make it look beautiful at the same time! You’ll enjoy a customer-friendly and user-friendly system that has easy-to-use product and category pages (that you can manage on your own), intricate options for shipping and tax, excellent security, amazing report options and HUNDREDS of additional features that will take your store to the next level.WordPress is a great solution if you want an affordable, custom designed, matching website, blog and shop all on one account with an easy-to-use system. It also works well for current WordPress users who want to seamlessly add in a shop to a current WordPress website or blog.

  • A domain and hosting account
  • WordPress software
  • SSL Certificate (for merchant accounts)
  • Customer Accounts
  • Simple, Grouped, Affiliate and Downloadable Products
  • Coupon Codes, Domestic and International Shipping
  • Detailed Tax options and Reports
  • Highest security standards
  • Marketing and SEO enhanced
  • And so much more…
  • It’s very affordable and you can save money on monthly hosting
  • It’s easy and affordable to add a “matching blog design” to your shop
  • It has the BEST professional blog and website options available
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of hosting or memory space
  • Seamlessly fits into an existing WordPress website
  • Familiar and easier for prior WordPress users to learn
  • User friendly and easy to self-manage products and categories
  • Easily manage info pages, store products and blog from one account
  • Additional feature extensions may be free or have only a one-time fee
  • It has an excellent list of default professional features
  • Support and help is more widely available for WordPress
  • It is Open Source and makes unlimited creativity possible!