Custom Blog and Logo Design: Thriving Home Blog

It’s been awhile since we highlighted any of our recent custom design projects, so I thought I would take a moment and draw your attention to Thriving Home Blog.  June Lily had the pleasure of designing a custom logo and blog design for the amazing ladies behind the blog.   Polly and Rachel write about their lives as stay-at-home mothers. Topics range from crafting, cooking, parenting, and much more.

For their logo, we decided on a lively color palette that would compliment the energetic nature of their website.  Jovial bursts of color adorn a whimsical tree in their logo, while the word “home” is strong and central within the design–indicative of how important “home” is to these women and their lives.



We kept the blog design simple and clean, with lots of white space to allow the content of the blog to rule the screen.


We also created a user-friendly, custom recipe index page that would highlight and organize the many delicious recipes these ladies cook up!


All-in-all, we all had a truly enjoyable journey creating a logo and blog design to match the wholesome, fun energy of this successful blog!

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