A Side of Modern Art

Every now and then I get this overwhelming craving to paint.  There is just something about paint on canvas that is completely relaxing and rejuvenating.  I was watching a little video a couple days ago that involved some painted illustrations, and it started my mind a whirling.  It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch.  My fingers and hands were screaming, “Must paint!”

I started this piece awhile back, but having a baby, moving, keeping up with my other 3 kids, and running June Lily has made it difficult to find time to finish.  So, with my craving in full force, I sat down and pushed the paint until it was complete. And here it is!


It’s 24″x24″ acrylic on canvas, and is a companion piece for this one that I did awhile back:


I don’t have a lot of spare time as a mom and small business owner, but I never regret carving a little time out to set at my easel.   It’s like a breath of fresh air!

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